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A Discussion about the Innovations in Elevator Technology

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When we discuss different things about the transportation system, the first thing which comes in the mind as the media of transportation are bridges, railways or roadways. But, the increasing popularity of vertical transportation has already heralded a new beginning in the world of technology. Over the last few decades, some new techniques have been invented for controlling the elevators due to the changes in the structures of buildings.

The latest innovations in Elevator Technology includes:-

Elevator Safety Brake:

This is one of the most revolutionary inventions, which has prevented the fall of elevators. This design has specially been introduced with a set of loaded springs, which would ensure their order of working.

Microprocessor-Controlled Elevators:

At first the controlling system of the elevators were not the same as today’s technology. The invention of Microprocessor-controlled elevators have made it easier for the elevators to locate its start and stop positions. Thus, the need of elevator operators has also decreased after this invention.

Double-Deck Elevators:

Double-Deck elevators are another significant milestone in the history of technological advancements. The main reason behind this invention is to keep the human flow intact. One elevator would stop in the even numbered floors and the other would stop in front of the odd numbered floors, which would automatically lessen the traffic.

Compass Destination Entry:

A new software has been launched for directing the passenger flow to a positive direction. This latest technology will allow the passengers to select the floor even before they set their feet into the elevator. After evaluating all the requests the system will lead the passenger towards the best elevator, according to his or her need.

Elevators have already become an essential part of our everyday life. In this era of skyscrapers, it would become next to impossible for the people to manage their daily habits without the help of elevators. The invention of energy-efficient elevators have also reduced the total cost of operating a whole building.


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