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Dinesh Tripathi

Kolkata / India

The Lift Support System proffered by Shahi Engineering Works is simply amazing. I can now leave the complex job of repairing or taking care of the elevators at the expert hands of the team members of Shahi quite easily. Their response to the clients' requests is also very prompt.

Priyanka Banerjee

Kolkata / India

The leading elevator service provider of the country has truly proven their words with their amazing craftsmanship. I am very much satisfied with their work and their method of working. The safety measures of the installed machinery taken by the experts of the company is worth mentioning.

Uttam Ojha

Patna / India

The superior quality customer service offered by Shahi Engineering works is quite good. Although their constant will power of improving their performance along with upgrading their skills are truly amazing. I am quite satisfied with their different services though they can try to improve their overall techniques of working.

Nisha Tiwari

Varanasi / India

The professionalism of the staff members along with their methodology of working are the main reasons behind the success of Shahi Engineering Works. The thing which has impressed me totally is the method of pricing they follow. The organization fixes the price of their projects only after making a proper survey of the market.

Shahi Engineering Works
19/1 R.N Tagore Road, Kolkata - 700 076